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Speak English Around Town

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Speak English Around Town brings you more than 300 everyday American English idioms and expressions. Through lively and realistic dialogues, you'll learn the expressions you need for everyday life. You'll use these expressions when shopping, dining out, socializing with American friends, traveling around the USA, and during dozens of other daily activities. Speak English Around Town will do more than just improve your vocabulary. It'll also help you stop making common mistakes when you speak. Through a special Language Lens section in each lesson, you'll master the grammar and structures known to cause trouble for English language learners.

Amy Gillett

Amy Gillett is one of the world’s experts on American English idioms and expressions. She has taught English as a Second Language (ESL) and Business English in the USA, Europe and China. She is the writer of the bestselling Speak English Like an American series and has written many other popular and useful books. Some of her books are: Speak English Around Town, Speak English Like and American series, and American College Slang.

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