1) Amy is at a clothing store shopping for a new pair of pants.

2) Lisa, a saleswoman, asks her if she needs any help.

3) Lisa: May I help you?

4) Amy: I'm just browsing.

5) Lisa: Let me know if I can help. My name is Lisa.

6) Amy: Do these pants come in black?

7) Lisa: Yes, but we're sold out. They're so popular, we can't keep them in stock.

8) Amy: Do you have any black pants on sale?

9) Lisa: Yes, these are marked down from $69.95 to $24.95.

10) Amy: That's a good buy, but I'm not crazy about the fabric.

11) Lisa: What about these pants? These are on sale for $49.

12) Amy: That's a little pricey, but I'll try them on.

13) (Amy enters the fitting room with the pants.

14) A few minutes later, Lisa comes to check on her).

15) Lisa: How are the pants?

16) Amy: A little snug.

17) Lisa: That style does run small. Let me bring you the next size up.

18) (Lisa hands Amy the pants and Amy puts them on).

19) Amy: These pants are a little big, aren't they?

20) Lisa: No, they fit nicely!

21) Amy: They're baggy in the back, don't you think?

22) Lisa: No, they're perfect. Take my word for it.

23) Amy: I'm just not sure. I think I'd better hold off for now.