One day you wake up and say to yourself, "I gotta do it, my ideal is worth pursuing."

When that day came for Alireza, Englishstorybooks' founder, he tried to put it into action with whatever he got. However he knew very little about programming and website development, he launched Englishstorybooks' first website in 2017.

The end of 2017 is when I, Niloufar, come into the picture. I started by preparing story books and putting it into the website's format.

In 2019, we added a new feature to our website; the movie part, which made it possible for us to present a paid service to our users.

Finally, in 2020, I redesigned the website to what you are working with right now.

That's it. That is our story. We are aware that we are just at the beginning of our journey. We don't claim that we are a professional, high grade team; but we try our very best to improve our work day by day.

Your ideas, suggestions and criticisms are the lights that keep our way bright.

Our Team

Alireza Maz

Founder and Developer

Niloufar Mon